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How much does it cost to get the title of a car put in your name in North Carolina?

Someone told me to go to the DMV website, but I'm not finding anything helpful. Anyone know how much this costs in NC?How much does it cost to get the title of a car put in your name in North Carolina?
$40 for a title, or $15 for transfer of title. Probably depends if it's a new car or used

$28 for the plates.

What is the best insurance company for my situation?

I am 19, never had a driver's license or permit. I don't own a car, and the DMV says that I must have car insurance before I can get a driver's license. I live in NC and I am clueless. The insurance companies keep saying that I need to have a car, but I can't buy a car without a drivers' license and insurance. What to do?What is the best insurance company for my situation?
Do you live in a home where there is a car? if not, you can take out a non-owners insurance policy. If you do, get that person to add you to their policy until you get your own car and own policy. those are your only 2 options. you can be added to another persons policy. their insurance company can provide you a DL123 to go get your license. once you get your license then call the company and give them your license number to add you. then you go buy a car and take out your own policy and get removed from the other one.
There are many good on-line sites that will provide you with free quotes, here's some from my bookmarks that should help:鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

Getting quoted is free so just see what they offer.

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What is the best insurance company for my situation? - try this one. I have their car insurance and, as I know, they can provide such a service.

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Can you say "Catch 22"?

I've been there myself when trying to get the registration changed on my mobile home.

I couldn't get the registration in my name without proof of ownership, and couldn't get proof of ownership until it was registered in my name! I spent over a week going back and forth between the bank and the courthouse before I finally got it taken care of.

Sometimes laws are written up so stupidly....What is the best insurance company for my situation?
huh? dont need car insurance to get ur license well i dont really know the rules in NC but if u cant get it than you should ask ur parents. From wat i kno i think you should b able to buy a car without a license and insurance but u jus cant use it and once u get the car than u can get ur insurance and than eventually ur license
geico aflac idk

What are the laws if you get a speeding ticket in a different state?

I recently got a speeding ticket in NC, and I live in VA. The lawyer told me they arent too strict in that particular district and most people get off with a PJC (prayer for judgement continued) and then it wouldnt go on insurance. However he said they probably wouldnt give me that since I dont even live in the state. Does anyone know if states ALWAYS tell other states about tickets, or ways to get around this? I've heard of a few tricks but who knows if those are true. Also, will taking driving school only matter if the ticket was in the state you live in? If so, would it be helpful to take it anyways so that IF my insurance found out, the rate wouldnt be as high? I've searched everywhere for these answers but theyre nearly impossible to find, even tried calling DMV but of course the wait was 30 minutes. Can anyone help?What are the laws if you get a speeding ticket in a different state?
Any ticket no matter what state is reported to the state the license was issued to. however you are bound by the laws of the state that issues the tickets. So if the ticket was received in NC. then you have to follow the laws by that state. if you have to appear in Court and pay the fine. it would be paid to that state / City. As far as the driving school since the points are on the license that you where issued in the state of VA the course will count. Your insurance will find out. most insurance company's check DMV records every 3 to 6 months.
Even your local police wouldn't know.What are the laws if you get a speeding ticket in a different state?
if you were speeding then just pay the ticket... you can also take the class in the state u live in to reduce the amount of points though...............
All states have Reciprocity Agreements, that means they always tell each other and any penalties will be passed through - like a suspension for a fail to pay. The insurance companies run your driving record and everything shows up, regardless of where you got your ticket. Driving school probably will not help, because it doesn't fix the speeding problem.What are the laws if you get a speeding ticket in a different state?
I would write the court and ask them how to go about it and if they would accept a certificate from a local traffic school. This worked for me after getting a speeding ticket in Texas and I live in California.

NC drivers test?

at one time i found a website that posted questions and answers for the NC drivers test. It was not the DMV site, it was one someone started so people could pass because they ask such crazy questions. Anyone know what site it was???NC drivers test?
. I live in Raleigh, but don't recall the written test. I doubt if they try to 'trick' you. This site looks good @鈥?/a> ; The link below is the DMV site, but it's worth looking at %26gt;%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;%26gt; .NC drivers test?
I think if you study you will pass the test with flying colors. they have different tests. I took the test in NC when I moved from PA. passed it-no problems- just read the question carefully-
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  • Requirements for buying car outside of resident state?

    I am taking trip to MA in a rental car and am planning on buying a car while I am there and driving both back to NC. Any idea how i handle the licence plate situation? Should I take the licence off the car I have in NC with me to put on the new car or is this a situation where I have to go to the DMV and get a temp plate? Also, couldn't my car in NC be towed if it is sitting out with no plate while I am gone?Requirements for buying car outside of resident state?
    Different states have different rules and regulations about out of state registrations. In most states, you can get a temporary license plate to transport the vehicle to your state. If you are buying the car from a dealer, they should be able to help you with that. Some states require that the dealership handles the registration, especially if you have borrowed money. The bank wants to make sure the car is registered. There are a number of websites that can give you the different rules in different states.

    Not sure of the sales tax thing, but if you think you will pay less sales tax by buying it in a different state, you are wrong. If the state you live in has a higher tax rate, they will charge you the difference between one state and another. You will not however receive a refund if the state you are buying it in is higher.Requirements for buying car outside of resident state?
    You should check with the MA DMV first and/or the NC DMV.

    I've done this once when I lived in PA and bought a car in VA. VA requires you purchase a transit sticker back to your home state. This cost $15 back in 2000. So, it's nominal, really.

    I'm guessing the procedure in MA is similar, but you never know.

    I would not recommend taking your plates off your NC car. If you get pulled over, and the plates don't match, you're in big trouble.

    Nc state inspection license help?

    where do i go to do it, how much is it?the dmv website is crap.....i couldnt find any helpfull info,where do you call to make appointments?Nc state inspection license help?
    If you are looking to get your car inspected just go to a local garage that does inspections and get it inspected. If you have moved to the state and opened a garage and want to do inspections (I would not bother) call the nearest DMV and tell them what you want they will send someone to you to inspect your garage and answer your questions.

    How do I get a temporary tag in Kentucky to drive it back to North Carolina?

    I am going to Kentucky after a car I just bought later this week and am not sure as to how I can get a temporary tag to get it home to NC. I looked online and couldn't find anything. Will I have to go to the court house or the DMV? It is so different here in NC. THANKS!!How do I get a temporary tag in Kentucky to drive it back to North Carolina?
    If you buy the car from a lot you can get it there. If it is a private seller you will have to go to the county courthouse and get a tag there. The DMV is in the county courthouse.How do I get a temporary tag in Kentucky to drive it back to North Carolina?
    You would go to the DMV, but why bother. If you have a signed and notarized bill of sale, then if you are stopped for having no tags, the bill of sale shows that you own the car and are just transporting it home. There are forms, usually, at the DMV for this purpose. It would be good to have one, but is not mandatory. It would also be good to have the title in your possession, signed and notarized as well. That really is all that you need.